2011 in Games

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Friday, 30 December 2011 22:35


Well it's almost 2012 and the much hyped end of civilisation as misinterpreted by quacks and loonies who think the Aztec's and Mayan's had magical and/or alien powers.

2011 was a pretty big year for games. Maybe even the biggest with event titles like the end of Gears of War, the greatest license game ever made in Batman Arkham City, the first triple A shooter playable with motion controls in Killzone 3 and the WIi's swan song, and best game, in Skyward Sword. There were some serious cowbell like duds thrown into the mix as well, the long awaited Duke Nukem didn't quite win new fans at it's debut and much vaunted Call of Duty killers like Homefront and Battlefield 3 fell short of Activisions iconic behemoth.

On top of that we saw new portable devices from Sony and Nintendo released new handhelds, unfortunately the same year the mobile gaming became the hot topic, either as the future or end of gaming depending on who you ask.

Here's a retrospective video of some of the last years most popular titles with some Placebo over the top, how many did you play?