So Disney Bought Star Wars

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Monday, 05 November 2012 23:07


In their continued campaign to become masters of all the most beloved forms of pop culture the House of Mouse have purchased the House that George Built. That’s right, Disney now owns Star Wars alongside other acquisitions of the last few years such as The Muppets and Marvel Comics.

Alongside this announcement was the news Disney wants to have a new Star Wars movie in cinemas by 2015 followed by new movies “every two to three years”. That could be a good thing, away from the complete control of Lucas a new Star Wars film has the potential to be okay. Rumour also has it the first three films will be long talked about third trilogy focusing on the later years of Luke Skywalker and his compatriots. What’s less exciting is the fate of Dark Horse Comics acclaimed and excellent line of Star Wars comics which have long been considered the saving grace of the expanded universe, keeping fans happy while they spat popcorn at the screen during the prequels and brand relevant. In Disney’s hands the twenty year relationship between Dark Horse (also home to creator owned works like Hellboy and Sin City) could be in jeopardy with Disney perhaps keen to tie their new acquisition and all its comic assets back to its last acquisition Marvel Comics. We’ll have to wait and see.

In game news the purchase won’t affect the production of Uncharted mod Star Wars 1313 which is still lined up for a 2012 release.

In the final analysis, this is probably a good thing overall. While Disney may be largely distrusted and seen as a corporate entity by geekdom, that entity is extremely good at making entertainment. If you’re worried about Disney ‘diluting the brand’ by churning out movies and products, well you might have just woken up from a 15 year coma. This year for Halloween you could buy Sexy Chewbacca and Sexy Yoda costumes. Anything Disney does couldn’t be worse than that.