Arkham City Gets a Little Stranger

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Tuesday, 14 December 2010 02:05


It's not really a reveal as Game Informer had the info in their Arkham City feature many months ago, but Hugo Strange is definitely going to be a big thorn in Batblokes side in the upcoming sequel to Arkham Asylum. Hugo Strange is a classic Bat villain, dating right back to the golden days of the character. He's a genius psychologist with more than a few loose screws himself, like many of Batman's enemies, but rather than wanting to kill Batman the wrinkle that makes Strange an interesting character is his goal to replace Batman as the supreme vigilante protector of Gotham. He also knows Batman's secret identity, obviously not a good thing. He'll be joining the previously announced rogues gallery of Two Face and Catwoman and the returning Joker and Harley Quinn. Strange is much less attractive than Catwoman so I feel perfectly justified in using her image instead of his for this article, to avoid... confusion. Okay that was a pretty weak justification, but hey, Catwoman!

His early menace in the comic books had Strange injecting people with a chemical that turned them into hulking monsters, a little to familiar for fans of the first game, so hopefully they take Strange's particular brand of evil in a new direction. The trailer below introduces the Strange character to the game and has Batman kicking the asses of a bunch of Splinter Cell cut scene extras. And is that Christopher Lee voicing Strange? Damn I hope so.

It's worth noting as well, if you hadn't heard, that the latest rumours for the next Batman movie has Tom Hardy (Bronson, Inception) playing Doctor Strange opposite Christian Bale's Batman.