The Game Loss Challenge: Boomer to Tank in 10 Weeks

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Tuesday, 25 October 2011 23:04


People are often surprised when I admit to them I’m obese. I don’t have a hanging beer gut or an invisible neck. Being a really tall guy my obesity is relatively hidden, but it’s definitely there. According to the Body Mass Index scale, at 130 kilos and standing 6 foot 5 I am an obese man and at the age of 32 I’m beginning to feel it. Even worse I’m aware that every day that passes my age is going to make it even harder to get rid off and keep off extra weight. To get just under the line for normal weight range at my height I need to be 35 kilograms lighter. That’s a lot.

I’ve all ready adjusted my diet in the past week, cutting out sugar and starchy carbs all together which has done amazing things for my energy levels. But what I really need to do is get more physical and this is where video games come in.

I work long hours, almost dawn to dusk at the moment, and these hours are mostly sitting down in front of a computer. So I need something I can do in the evening. I also hate exercise, like really hate exercise, hate gyms, hate running, all that stuff. But I love games and I love gaming.

And I own a Kinect and a Wii that don’t get nearly enough play. Can I really lose weight and get fit playing this next generation of games? Is exercise gaming just a big crock? In the interests of game journalism and to avoid one day having to wear a muumuu I hope to find out.

So starting tonight I’m going to work out, on a daily basis, using games. My plan is 45 minutes to an hour, for six nights a week.

I’ll chart my progress right here on a weekly basis for the next ten weeks. And I promise not to post any pictures of my white hairy belly, no matter what condition it’s in.