The Tuesday Cap – Slightly Smaller Edition

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Tuesday, 06 December 2011 20:18


The Tuesday Cap is a regular column capping of and commenting on game news for the past week.

Due to the increasing pressure of real life commitments I’m going to scale back the Tuesday Caps a little and try and cut out some of my flowery rambling. Try to keep to the facts so to speak.

If you’d prefer the crazy to be dialled back up let us know in the forums.

Oh and Peter Dinklage totally deserved that emmy.


EA Hates You

EA’s Origin service is a foul and horrible thing. Making an objectionable forum post can easily lead to being perma banned from the Origin service. This prevents you from playing even the single player components of games.

If you’re a PC gamer who enjoys EA games I feel deeply sorry for you because you are absolutely at that companies mercy. If they want to all together stop you from playing a game you have bought from them, forever, they can. Every user of Origin has this guillotine (banhammer seems an understatement here) hanging over their head at all times. You’re not buying an EA product anymore; you’re paying to attend a birthday party you can be thrown out of at a moment’s notice for saying the wrong thing with zero opportunity to appeal.

Rock Paper Shotgun has a write up on EA’s behaviour, and refusal to comment further if you’d like to read more: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/12/05/ea-origin-bans-update-edition/


Sony Hates You Too

Each Playstation Vita will only allow one account. Additionally new restrictions on games only allow you to play them on 2 different consoles instead of five.



New Epic Thing

Cliffy B has made an official announcement to announce an announcement at the Spike Game Awards of: "An entirely fresh, new experience". Presumably a game of some type from Epic. Some how this news was every where today and god help me, I’m repeating it here.

Call me mad, but would it not have been more exciting to have the Spike Game Awards just show a cool video (because we all already know they do that) that gets people excited without having to pre-tell people that they’ll see a cool thing that gets them excited? At what stage does the pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-marketing get to before game company PR people start disappearing up their own arses?


PS Plus Stuff

Playstation Plus members will be able to get Tomb Raider Underworld and Marvel Pinball for free this month. Classic PS One title Spyro will also be available.


South Park The Game


South Park: The Game will be a major RPG release from Obsidian in 2012. The project sounds ambitious. The goal is to create a big epic game dwarfing all cartoon license games of the past.



Minecraft boss Notch has stepped down from his role as chief important person of Mojang, handing the reins to another developer, and is apparently in talks with LEGO to create Minecraft sets. Which is so genius I can’t believe no one thought of it sooner.


Command and Conquer

That mysterious game from last week is looking more and more like it may be a game called Command and Conquer Alliances amid a flurry of EA domain name registrations.

Bummer, I really wanted another Mercenaries game.



Marvel Universe Online, the MMO featuring the characters of Marvel comic books, is still happening with a recent release of a bunch of character screen shots as seen below:









Mortal Kombat

The last Mortal Kombat game, the banned one, is getting re-released in a new edition with all the DLC included. This presents the chance for the new ratings guidelines to be applied to it in Australia, making it potentially the first game to be unbanned under the new laws. Fingers crossed.


Half Life 3

Valve employees have been seen in the wild sporting Half Life 3 t-shirts. Off course this could just be a massive effort to troll the public in general, but aren’t we supposed to get a Half Life 2 Episode 3 before we get a proper sequel? Something about a tanker?


The Last Guardian

Creator of modern masterpieces, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the upcoming The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda gave me a small heart attack by announcing he was leaving Sony and assumedly developer Team ICO.  Ueda has since taken to Twitter to confirm he is still hard at work on The Last Guardian, although he didn’t confirm whether or not he was leaving Sony.


Skyrim Patch

The recent mega patch for Skyrim seems to have repaired several issues with the game including installing it to your Xbox 360 without issue, but the PS3 version is still being troubled by backwards flying dragons and other weirdness.


Never Dead

Amusing undead shooter game Never Dead, that sees you trying to literally pull your characters dismembered body back together after taking damage, will be released in January 2012. Could be a fun game and it’s picked a relatively competitiveless release window.


Consoles are Going to Die

Richard Garriott, in another bid to stay relevant, has announced that consoles are doomed to failure in the long term.  He believes that consoles will fail in the face of mobile gaming and the MMO bubble has burst and we’ll see less and less MMO games as time goes by and casual gaming becomes more popular.

In other new Richard Garriott’s new company Portalarium is making casual mobile games after his MMO game company went bust. Not that he has a vested interest in the answers he gives in interviews or anything.



Just last year Doom became a legal game in Germany, no longer being classed as harmful to young persons. Quake has recently joined its sibling game as a now legal title for German citizens. What exactly it is about these games that was harmful 15 years ago and has strangely become less harmful over time remains to be seen.

The bottom line is basically that legally enforced censorship, on a whole, is largely groundless and monumentally stupid.



One of the oldest gaming publications, Gamepro magazine, has shutdown. Its next issue will be its last and as of December 5 the company will have officially closed its doors. The magazine has been reporting on games and gaming for over twenty years.


Dead Space

In another example of EA being deaf to its customers the next Dead Space game may be an FPS title. Deep sigh.


Call of Duty

Mysterious and overlooked war simulator Call of Duty has some how held the top spot on the Xbox Live and PSN  most played game charts since its release and was the biggest selling game for all major platforms right through November.

Statistically* there are more people playing Call of Duty within a 100 meter radius of you right now than there are spiders, and the number of spiders playing Call of Duty within a 100 meter radius of you right now is astronomical. Everyone who is anyone is playing Call of Duty**.

*all statistics are lies.

**I bought it but I haven’t played it yet. But I’m a nobody.


Resident Evil 6

The next major Resident Evil release has cropped up in a few voice actors resumes, hinting that an announcement will be coming soon, perhaps at the Spike VGA’s.


Live Update

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re waiting for the Xbox Live update to finish downloading and installing.

In addition to the very, very, very, very, very long awaited implementation of voice chat for Australian users, the update jazzes up (read changes it to look more like Windows 8) the dashboard and opens up a bunch of television channels you can stream through your Xbox.

Australian users get:

Crackle 3 (Sony Pictures)

Daily Motion

YouTube 3

ABC iView2

SBS ON Demand 2

And Ninemsn Australia

A Gold account guarantees you access to all these channels but Silver members can still use ABC and SBS.

As usual Australia’s options are barely a blip compared to the dozens of channels are UK and USA cousins will have access to. But there you go.


Dragon Age Multiplayer

A rumour has leaked out the Battlefield 3 developer DICE are developing a multiplayer component for the Dragon Age franchise. It’s unclear if this is an expansion to Dragon Age 2 or an addition to an unannounced Dragon Age game, but the multiplayer is apparently a coop focused arena mode that has players fighting together against waves of monsters.

That sounds a little crap, from what I’ve played of Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2 that doesn’t seem a good fit to the series at all. We’ll see, maybe Dragon Age 3 is a whole new type of game.