The Tuesday Cap – Hell is Coming

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Wednesday, 21 March 2012 22:28


Diablo 3, one of the most anticipated games of this or any year, is only weeks away with a confirmed shipping date of May 15.

So that’s it, that’s all the news you needed this week, go back to Mass Effect 3.

... still there huh? Well it takes some of us longer to finish a big game like Mass Effect part Trois than it does others okay. Oh fine, here’s some other news.


The talented James Silva is considering a third Dishwasher Samurai game. The first two were hilariously violent fun, a third would wrap things up nicely.


Several complaints where directed at Microsoft last week at the seeming disappearance of gamerscores. Given that for most of us our gamerscore is the sole physical representation of any kind of achievement in life (ouch), this was a bad thing. What did MS suggest? Can you guess? Here’s a hint:


For most people signing out and in again fixed the problem. For people that it didn’t, YOU’RE A HAXXoR LOL!


Hideo Kojima wanted to put a heat acting chemical on the disc for his game Snatcher, so as you played it the disc drive heat would activate the chemical causing your TV room to smell like blood. Still a better idea than the MGS4 cut scenes.


Those 12 missing characters that are all ready on your Street Fighter X Tekken disc will cost you 1600 MS points to unlock. Speaking of which when exactly are Microsoft going to get around to doing something about the price disparate between MS points in the US, UK and Australia. Why do we still pay more?


Todd Macfarlane, comic creator and art director for Kingdoms of Amalur, has leaked that 38 studios secret MMO Project Copernicus, which he also handled design duties for, will be revealed later this year.


Kingdoms of Amalur is a lot of fun, and it’s getting the first of several DLC packs, The Legend of Dead Kell, this week. Naturally this DLC will add zombies to the... it doesn’t? Pirates? Well I was close, Legend of Dead Kell has pirates and lots of other new content.



Skyrim is getting a partch that will add some new melee kill animations and arrow/magic bolt cam as seen in Todd Howards DICE Speech video.


The Walking Dead is getting a game series for iOS, Android, Xbox Arcade and PSN. If you love the show please, please read the comics. The comics are easily ten times better than the show.


Seminal RPG Baldurs Gate is getting an ‘Enhanced’ HD release that will feature the original game code, spruced up and garnished with new content. Release date is later this year but no platforms have been announced.


Christian Svensson, a senior VP at Capcom, says Resident Evil 6 will be the biggest Resident Evil game ever in a recent interview. More importantly he completely owned the misspelling on the boxart for “Resident Evil Revelaitons”, and joked owners of one of the 90,000 units with the misspelling should consider them collector’s items. Which ironically they probably will be one day.


Mass Effect 3 has a Datapad ap for your iPad so you can not read all those journal entries that you don’t read in the game, not on your iPad. Synchonicity!


This is a Gameboy Transformer made of Lego, the creator of this artwork should get a nobel prize. More pics here: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/313534



Despite all the announcements of PC and Mac versions Blizzard remain coy about their practically guaranteed console version of Diablo 3. Why play dumb Blizz? We all know it’s happening.


One more bit of Diablo 3 news, if you can’t wait for the game check out this video for Grim Dawn, an indie Diablo clone built on the Titian Quest engine that looks pretty snazzy.


File this PS Move peripheral under “Greatest Peripheral Ever”, this Ninja Gaiden 3 Special Edition will be hard to pass up. It’s not an official item though and may be hard to come by.



Also to add under Awesome Limited Editions, is the Guild Wars 2 super set that looks extremely cool.



Phil Harrison, formerly the baby faced champion of all things PS3 in his role as the UK Director and then Executive VP of Sony Computer Entertainment, has returned from the wilds of some other job, to take a role at Microsoft. He’s taking the role of Corporate VP of Interactive Entertainment Business, which I imagine means a massive salary and all the luxury yachts he can eat. Being a poor man the ways of the wealthy are beyond my comprehension.


Modern Warfare has a lot of DLC, Battlefield 3 not so much. While the reason may be obvious as a pink elephant (a player base difference of several tens of millions), DICE General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson had some more specific explanations. The first reason is they were focused on getting the game out and complete and secondly they don’t want to do little crappy updates, DICE wants their content backs to be big and brassy.  Close Quarters is the next BF3 pack, followed by two more, Armored Kill and End Game later this year.


Here’s yet another surprisingly well made live action Halo fan film.


United Kingdom based retailer Game has waved the white flag and gone into full liquidation, putting the business up for sale to the highest bidder. After undisclosed issues with Capcom and EA prevented the stores from stocking recent high profile titles like Street Fight X Tekken and Mass Effect 3, the business has been circling the drain. It might not be the beginning of the end for physical stores have some have suggested, but it is indicative of just how ‘at the mercy’ of major game making companies game stores are.


That’s it, have fun this week, save the universe, rescue the princess, and call your mum.