Spare Change? Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Tuesday, 03 April 2012 03:11


Spare Change? Is a long running feature on That Aussie Game Site reviewing bargain game purchases for Australian gamers.

I missed out on Resident Evil 5 the first time around. While my contemporaries played the hell out of it I kind of avoided it, partly because I had too many other games on the go at the time, and partly because Resident Evil games have a history of causing my testicles to shrink in terror.

But when a critically acclaimed game can be picked up for a mere $10 I find it hard to resist.




While making a recent purchase online at ozgameshop I chucked a copy of Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. When the game arrived at the house it went on the shelf with all my other impulse buys, my Zumba DVDs and Ab Roller. There was a little part of my mind that said, ‘do you remember Raccoon city? Do you want to piss yourself and blame the stain on the couch on the cat again?’.

Then, after taking a hearty dose of ‘Man the Flip Up’ juice (strawberry and lime cider), I slammed the disc in and started to play. The prognosis? Resident Evil 5 is a damn fun game, from start to finish. Although series purists might clutch their Jill Valentine hentai pillows and squeal about the design changes to create a game focused more on action than survival horror (and you know what else? Biohazard is a crap title. Zap!), I personally hope the series doesn’t take one step back into the previous territory of annoying fixed cameras and typewriter save spots.

But when oh when will Resident Evil get some new writers? I’ve created the following handy flowchart to help new writers at Capcom:




Where Resident Evil 5 stands out is the addition of coop play allowing you and a friend to blast the crap out of drooling monsters and solve a series of conveniently placed puzzles that require two people. As with pretty much every coop focused game of this ilk, playing with a friend is infinitely better than watching the dumb as hammers AI run in circles. Although you’ll never look at your mate the same way again after hearing his voice coming out of Sheva Almodovars shapely body.

The Gold Edition is as good as a .5 sequel with two mini campaigns to play through coop or single player, the infamous Mercenaries mini game and an online versus mode. You would be mad as a majini with a bag on his head if you didn't pick up the Gold Edition over the standard. It's Resident Evil 5 plus.

Considering the price you’re paying for a full retail game and all its expansions and DLC it’s hard to go wrong. Plus it’ll get you in shape for the release of Resident Evil 5.