Chuppa-Chuppa-Chuppa: True Helicopter Sim Coming to PS3/360

Written by Paul Stuart | Tuesday, 14 December 2010 12:20

If you’ve never heard of ‘Apache Air Assault,’ it may be for good reason. The game sports an amorphous ‘early 2011’ Oz release date from its publisher, likewise is literally incognito on EBGames and Game Web sites. It has, however, been lurking around North America (and Play-Asia) for about a month’s time.

Now why should you care? If there’s even a closet flight simulator fan lurking within, this chopper sim-that-could is a sugar addiction waiting to happen. For starters, it’s made by the same people (Gaijin) behind the ridiculously good il-2 Sturmovik, arguably the best next gen, console flight simulator on the market. Moreover – and echoing its predecessor – Apache Air Assault will (on the PS3) play nicely with most mainstream flight sticks, fantastic news for anyone with a PC Thrustmaster or equivalent lying around. While playing Hawx via dualshock certainly has its fun moments, these are pittance compared to simulated flight feel via any compatible flight stick.

Perhaps the most giddy-inducing aspect of Apache Air Assault, however, lies in the simple damn fact it’s a helicopter game, period. Very fond memories reside in the likes of Desert Strike and Chopper Command, two of the few and proud of the miniscule helicopter-based, gaming genre.

For those fearful of getting sim’ed to death – il-2 was not for the arcade at heart - Gaijin deems Apache slightly lower in learning curve, emphasizing combat versus takeoff/landing physics.  


Publisher provided highlights (quoted verbatim):

  • Authentic Warzones – With 16 multi-stage missions involving air and ground strike operations, the campaign takes you along real life hot spots. From the jungles of Central America to the mountains of   Central Asia, Apache has you where the fight is needed most. 
  • Realism Defined – Everything in the game is painstakingly made with Realism in mind. From the real-world satellite photography used to make the in-game environments to the simulation controls, Apache puts you in the front seat of helicopters modeled exactly to look like their real life counterparts.
  • Tailored Experience – Play the way you want to play. Jump right in and rain down destruction in the game’s Arcade-style Training Mode or test your aerial skills by playing in the challenging Realistic Mode.  
  • Cooperative Destruction – Have a friend join the fight! The local cooperative mode let’s two players gear up in the same Apache and tackle the game’s story mode with one player acting as the pilot and the other as the co-pilot/gunner.
  • Online Helicopter Combat – Join other helicopter enthusiasts in the cooperative online mode, Squad Operations. Up to four Apaches can fight together in unison to make a Squadron. With 13 individual missions playable in single or 2-4 players online.
  • The Right Tool for the Job – Pick from a variety of highly detailed helicopters such as the Apache AH-64D Longbow, Apache AH-1, Apache AH-64X Experimental Prototype, MQ-8B Fire Scout and the Mi-35 Hind. as you’ll be sure to need different load outs for different battlefields. 


More coverage to come closer to Oz release. If you’re looking for sneak peeks, head over to apache-game.com. North America version’s already been patched, meaning a fairly polished should hit our shores in the month or so (?) ahead.