Madden NFL 13 (PS3) Review

Written by Paul Stuart | Sunday, 30 September 2012 12:16


It’s the Gridiron classic…reinvented.


Sleeping Dogs Review

Written by Dan | Tuesday, 25 September 2012 08:36


Let sleeping dogs lie? Not a chance!


Traffic Cam Captures Teleportation

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Sunday, 23 September 2012 00:58


Okay, it looked super staged and the behaviour of those involved is a bit too hammy to be realistic, and I'm sure this is either viral marketing for some upcoming movie or TV show. But I still got a tiny thrill watching this video that appears at first glance to be someone teleporting a cyclist, fully Nightcrawler/Quantum Leap style out of the way of an oncoming truck. The real genius here is the clearly miraculous act being captured by an inocuous traffic camera. Well worth one minute of your day to watch.


The Hobbit Trailer Shows Trolls, Wolves, but no Smaug

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Friday, 21 September 2012 00:11


In case by some cruel twist of nature you were, like me, trapped in a damn training workshop all yesterday getting glared at for checking your iPhone, you might have missed the second trailer for The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey that debuted yesterday. Well it is absolutely amazing. Sadly, despite some good shots of the creatures that will menace our half pint heroes, we still don't get a good look at Smaug. I am literally chomping my fingers to stumps waiting to see what the infamous dragon looks like. Still, I teared up, honestly I wept, just watching it. Just ask my wife, you'll have to phone her at her mothers though, she packed up and left when she saw me weeping over  a movie trailer on her laptop.

I don't need her though, I've got Hobbits and Dwarves and the dragon Smaug, and Gandalf and Radagast the Red and so many other things I can't wait to see on the big screen. Sure some people don't like Peter Jackson's vision of Middle Earth, and yes, these people need to be rounded up and put in a big brother style house, only we never let them out and they spend the rest of their lives mugging like twats for cameras that aren't there. HA HA HAAAA!

Here's the trailer.


Wreck It Ralph Trailer Looks Adorable

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Friday, 21 September 2012 00:08


Really the only reason I had kids was so I could go see kid’s movies at the cinema without everyone suspecting I was a creepy child kidnapper. Because despite being a big, hairy, monstrously ugly thirty three year old, I never miss a Pixar film on the big screen and watch Adventure Time just about every day. And I make no apologies; my inner child needs to be well fed with entertainment. Cartoons are the secret to reversing the aging process people.

So I’m super excited for Wreck it Raplh, an animated film set in a universe populated by video game characters about a coin up game villain that yearns for another life. Trailer looks brilliant.


The Wii U Comes out in November and Demands Aussies Pay more

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Friday, 21 September 2012 00:05


The Wii U will be arriving to stores on the 18 November. That’s the good news. Not for the crappy news, or should we say the expected news. Despite the Aussie dollar currently out trading the US dollar Australians will be paying more for a Wii-U as much as 29% more (or 18% if you factor out GST).

The Wii U will be sold in two models Basic and Premium, the white basic model has 8GB of storage, the black Premium model will have 32GB internal storage. In the US these consoles are RPP $299.99 and $349.95 respectively in USD, in Australia they’re $349.95 and $429.95 respectively in AUD. That’s an over $70 mark up for the premium consoles in Australia. And we’re not taking into account mark ups on peripherals such as the almost mandatory extra controllers.

Objectively, it’s a pretty good price, on par the Australian release price for the Wii of $400 so many years ago. There’s a good chance I’ll grudgingly buy one in the lead up to Christmas. But we’re long overdue a close scrutiny of the prices Australian’s are charged compared to the rest of the world. Our economy is stronger than ever, its past time consumers were benefiting from this strength.


Mass Effect 3 Leviathan Review

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Thursday, 20 September 2012 23:51


Bioware continues its tradition of high quality DLC targeted to its most passionate fans with Leviathan for Mass Effect 3. The content is targeted at fans of Mass Effect and its complex lore and will delight those looking for more insight into the Reapers and their history. More lay fans of the series get a few new missions to blast through and two new weapons and a new ability to blast with. Overall Leviathan is a little light in the content department, players hoping for a new character to add to their crew, as is usually the real reward of Mass Effect DLC content, will come away disappointed.

The universe is in trouble again and only one man (or woman) and their crew of lovable misanthropes can save the day (whether they do or not is questionable as well). Sheperd and the Sherperdettes of the good ship Normandy are back in action for another mission. While travelling through outer space the team is contacted by the Admiral and told to meet up with one Dr Bryson, a scientist who may have uncovered evidence of an ancient alien called Leviathan that may be a viable threat to the Reapers.


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