Poodle Moth is the Cuddly Addition to the Mothman Prophecies

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Monday, 03 September 2012 21:07


Not sure if it’s foretold any doom yet but this one time cryptozoological creature is a real thing. What's fascinating and cool about this, besides being the discovery of a previously unknown species, is that this creature was once considered an outlandish rumour and has now been confirmed and authenticated. Most moths that fly towards me, despite my full knowledge that they’re completely harmless, cause me to make tiny flails in front of my body with my arms, draw one leg up like a stork and press eyes and mouth tightly shut lest the beast fly into my mouth and make love to my oesophagus.

If this moth flew towards me I think I’d probably open my arms to hug and rub it like a winged kitten.


The Marvel TV Show Is...

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Monday, 03 September 2012 20:24


SHIELD the show! Hurray! Disney and ABC have gone into immediate production, with Avengers director Joss Whedon as part producer and cowriter, on a SHIELD television show. Whedon’s  also bringing along a number of the people who worked on Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse to flesh out the writing and producing team on the show that fits in with the current canon of Marvel films. And that’s all we know, will Sam Jackson and Colbie Smulders reprise their roles of Nick Fury and Maria Hill for the show? Will any of those big time Hollywood actors drop by in character? Will Luke Cage and Iron Fist become the beloved buddy cop duo of super hero TV shows? The answer to all these questions is holy pants I really hope so.


Batman of Shanghai Is the Second Best Batman Thing this Year

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Monday, 03 September 2012 20:10


There’s been a number of DC animations on Cartoon Network over the last few months, but so far this series of short films (all embedded below for your delight) are the best so far. Anime inspired alternative universe Batman awesomeness at its finest. The people behind this short series also created the excellent but NSFW Kung Fu Cooking Girls which you can see here after seeking your mums permission.


Skyrim DLC Part Deux

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Monday, 03 September 2012 20:03


The second bit of Skyrim DLC has been officially announced after an early leak, and yes it is titled  Hearthfire. But wait a sec, this isn’t a whole new quest line for you to follow. This is something different.

Hearthfire is, for want of a better world, a Sims add on for Skyrim. You can now build your own little house, or towering castle, or stately manor or whatever the hell you want. Personally I’m thinking spooky manor house with werewolf butler for my new Vampire Lord character.



Guild Wars 2 - Review pt.1

Written by Jay | Wednesday, 29 August 2012 13:44


As most of you already know, Guild Wars 2 hit shelves yesterday but for the lucky ones that pre-ordered were given a 3 day head start and my oh my what a time it was. If you find yourself itching for a challenge that conventional games can’t seem to scratch, or maybe even a veteran MMORPGer from previous games like WoW or even GW1 looking for something new or a possible upgrade, then you have stopped past the right place because I’m going to be giving you my indepth, and mostly rough and limited, view on the world of Tyria. From races to professions, rabbits to centaurs, we are going to embark on the first of a few ongoing reviews into Guild Wars 2!

Click through to read more…


Black Ops 2 Collectors Edition Unboxing

Written by Mick Brown | Wednesday, 29 August 2012 13:01


Unboxing videogames is a guilty pleasure of mine. I insist that my fiance let me unwrap blu-rays and my cats love to play in the boxes. Unwrapping things is just one of those childhood experiences that I choose to relive again, and again, and again.

This is an unboxing for the Collectors Edition of almost the only game that I have time to play these days - Call of Duty. This time around it's Black Ops II.

Hit play, ya dig?


More Snuff Films of Project Copernicus Uncovered

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Tuesday, 28 August 2012 00:15


The constant picking over the corpse of 38 Studios is equally frustrating and fascinating, especially as Project Copernicus really looked like it might have been a contender in the MMO stakes. If it was even half as good as Kingdoms of Amalur I know I would have bought it.

I’m guessing the steady leak of these videos are an attempt to try and keep attention and interest high in the project ahead of another party stepping in to buy up and revive the project. Stranger things have happened to worse abandoned projects, APBs revival springs to mind.

The videos aren't embedding properly but you can see small crappy versions below or click through on each for the HD versions.

"> here,

"> here and

"> here.

They all originated from the blog of developer Steve Danasur which you can check out here. The videos are all very eerily beautiful and well worth checking out. Project Copernicus really might have been an amazing game, the people working on it were clearly dedicated and had a passion for the project.

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