GOW3 Beta

Written by Mick Brown | Monday, 16 May 2011 00:00


The GOW 3 beta has now officially finished so read on what to expect in one of this years most anticipated releases.

Gear of War 3 beta offered three game modes. Team Deathmatch (old faithful) King of the Hill (like GOW2 annex) and Capture the Leader (capture the flag except the flag is a COG or Drone). The three game modes were played out on 4 maps. GOW 2 players will feel instantly at home and be looking to get back into Horde. Sadly there is no Horde mode in the beta, but the taste you receive will have you salivating for the full release.


Thrashball, Checkout, Old Town, and Trenches. Thrashball takes place on a dilapidated Thrashball court where you fight for control of the centre of this small map. Checkout is based in a department store, and suits close quarters combat with shotguns. Old Town is larger brighter map which is more reminiscent of Bulletstorm. Which leaves Trenches which is a dust-field  that houses a high platform at the top of the map.





TDM has been revamped to suit on teamwork. Going lone wolf and failing in the process will result in a crowd of boo's. The reason for this is each team gets 15 re-spawns, first to run out loses... period. Controls have been considerably improved with chainsaw duels and the picking up of ammo all too easy is this latest effort by Epic.
Gears of War 3 now has the tried and true method of an XP system like COD for example. Kills, downs, holding position and capturing flags all add to building you towards level 50. Unlocks such as flame versions of guns and even gold plated lancers will ensure GOW3 will have a healthy following online for a while to come.




All in all I am very excited for the third installment by Epic. Controls will allow noobs to jump in whilst rewarding veteran players. Round this out with new graphics, weapons and modes and you have a recipe for success.