Saints Row: The Third Genki Bowl VII - Review

Written by Jay | Monday, 27 February 2012 20:45



The first installment to The Saints 3 is Genki Bowl VII featuring 4 new Genki games hosted by Genki himself and his gorgeously homicidal Genki girls. These games will take you from throwing mascots into a river of sharks to the heights of steelport ready to gurgle your chainsaw into a rooftop filled of man sized Saints Flow bottles. For anyone that loved the game, you could almost say that its a must have for the fun side of it, and not to mention the extra 100 points in achievements it grants to anyone hunting down every last one they can get they hands on.



The 4 games include Sexy Kittens Yarngasm, Sad Pandas Skyblazing, Angry Tigers Apocalypse Genki and the Super Ethical PR Opportunity where you get the chance to be up close and personal with Professor Genki himself!


Sexy Kittens Yarngasm will have you bellowing down the streets of Steelport inside of a giant ball of yarn with only the mission of utter chaos to achieve. Not only can this be a great deal of fun it also unlocks the ability at the end of the activity to call Sexy Kitten as a "Homie" along with the Yarngasm Yarnball as a vehicle which can easily be delivered to you in battle!!


Angry Tigers Apocalypse is similar to the original Super Ethical Reality Climax we are all use to only slightly longer with new features and scenery. Nothing beats throwing mascots into shark infested waters and watching them be devoured. Once you complete the 2 instances you will unlock Angry Tiger as a "Homie" along with the Angry Tiger Mask.



Super Ethical PR Opportunity takes you driving around Steelport with non other than Professor Genki himself along side, commanding you to kill and scorch countless civilians in an attempt to please him before he meets his fans. Much like the escort missions you must avoid opponents in order to keep his pleasure up. Completion of this will unlock the Genki Mobile as seen above features 4 flame throwers and a jet engine out the back.


Lastly we have Sad Pandas Skyblazing which allows you to plummet from a helicopter in a panda suit complete with red cape and a chain saw on hand to defeat nearby mascots having parties on rooftops. All of this must be done within a certain time frame, all of which will boost your final score. Once the mascots are killed and you have an acceptable score you can either land on the ground or attempt to hit the target for bonus points. Completion of this will unlock Sad Panda as a "Homie" along with the panda suit, but unfortunately doesn't allow the same abilities as in the mission.



Over all I feel those that have purchased the Season Pass will be occupied for an hour or so as the games can be completed quiet fast. If you are an achievement hunter you will most likely sink hours into getting them all as some may look easy until attempted. The amount of fun you can have along with the unlocks this DLC gives it a thumbs up in my books and a must have to anyone that loves anything Genki.



My overall rating is 3/5 Due to the fact that the DLC doesn't take long to complete and would be hard to call it a mission pack.