UFC 3: Undisputed - Review

Written by Jay | Wednesday, 07 March 2012 18:57


Are you ready to unleash devastating blows on your enemies. Are you prepared to make tactical decisions to bring down your foes. Are you pumped enough to win the fight? Step into the ring and show us what you're made of.


UFC 3 is a real fighting game with real experiences. It is challenging when you first start off, but eventually it became easy enough to understand with the control tutorial. Traveling through the tutorial, everything was explained in great detail and the moves were realistic. With the style of moves shown in the tutorial and the rest of the game you’re able to execute even the most complicated moves on your opponent. UFC 3 not only presents the rules in full but allows you to step into the shoes of your favourite fighters and feel the adrenaline surge in the ring.


UFC 3 allows you to create your own fighter with his own unique fighting capability and allows you modify each skill and improve any skill you prefer to fight with. You have the ability to build up just the one skill or you can increase them all, it’s your choice initially.



Another feature UFC presents is the computer battles between your fights. Here you can watch how your opponents fight and where their strong and weak spots are. The fights are realistic as if you were playing the game yourself. It also allows the ability to kick back with a bag of chips and watch the blood fly. Not many 1 on 1 style games out there boast the opportunity to study your opponent in the ring and tweak your character to suit.


Like most games out there the basis is that you start out as and with nothing and you must battle your way to the top for the ultimate glory and to be crowned the champion of UFC. The graphics in this game create an illusion of real fighting on television. The cut scenes in-between fights that describe the fighter or the type of game are made from real action clips produced from UFC itself.



UFC allows you to throw any number of combos at the other player, whether it be a left jab, left jab, right kick etc. It is safe to say it plays incredibly well. The controls tailor to both new players and hardcore fans, and unlike Wrestling games?, the game actually teaches you how to utilize moves to compete at high levels.



My over-all rating for UFC 3: Undisputed is 4/5.