F1 Race Stars - Review

Written by Jay | Wednesday, 05 December 2012 21:10



This title delivers in more ways than one, not only is it awesome but its a great way to spend time with the family and give off slight hints of nostalgia, F1 Race Stars is the title good enough for the veteran gamer or the novice.


What is F1 Race Stars? Well the simplest way to put it is imagine an F1 racing game had a love child with Mario Kart and gave you a high speed competitive game full of bright colours, tight controls and excellent graphics and gameplay. The best way to describe to you what this title delivers is to introduce you to my wife, she is the type that finds operating a controller a major hassle and refers to my Xbox 360 as the "Stupid playbox thing". I would find myself coming home from work and seeing her playing F1 Race Stars ordering me to grab my controller and join in.




F1 Race Stars takes you on a journey around the globe to some rather spectacular and unimaginable racing tracks in an all out competition of precision turns and dirty tricks to be the crowned champion of the podium. The rules are simple, don't go the wrong way and do whatever you need to do in order to land 1st place.


The overall gameplay is excellent and the physics gone into the cars are incredible. Your cars handling is all dependant on your speed which can be a chosen factor while racing or limited by what category of CC you choose. The racers of said cars are also a chosen factor, F1 Race Stars features 24 drivers and totalling 12 teams with such names as Mark Webber appearing as payable characters. Each team come with their own unique techniques to be used during the game, but if all of this gets too boring you can always just load your own Avatar to join in the fun and drive the car!




The 11 default tracks all span many different counties around the globe and even feature one right here in Australia. Being that they make no resemblance to any F1 tracks I've seen, putting around is a real eye opener. Many of the distracting features off the track could only be described as a minor tour of the country with many different iconic features popping up, for instance when I felt like I was driving through Sydney I had to make a jump into a sharks mouth and go through underwater tunnels reminded me of the Sydney aquarium. If you get tired of the old tracks, more are available as DLC.


The tactics required to win is where the fun starts. Throughout the track you will find stars that give you special power ups. These are the key to success, the power ups features things like 3 speed boosts or a red ball that seeks out your opponent in front of you and inhibits his movements for a short duration, these along with many others. Be cautious though as all these boosts are also available to your opponents.




As I mentioned earlier the coop is what brings most of the fun in, this title is meant to be played with friends and family, but if you live a great distance from your friends then never fear as online multiplayer is here and really pipes up the heat as you compete against other players from around the globe.


There isn't much else that can be said about this title as it is basically just a family friendly racing title and nothing more. In saying that it does come through in every avenue that you would expect from a game like this.




I thoroughly enjoyed this title and am planning on hitting more of it up as soon as my wife lets me back on the Xbox. Since this titles delivers in every way you would expect it to, I am giving it a 5/5.